What do I need to do before my appointment?

It is most important your lashes are clean. Please don't use waterproof mascara prior to your appointment time. Please remove your contact lenses prior to the application. Hold off from using your lash curler 72 hours prior to your appointment. Those with morning appointments, avoid using moisturiser around your eyes. For best results, it’s important for extensions to remain dry for 48 hours after application. This allows the lash glue to fully adhere. Clients should refrain from swimming, allowing a shower-head to blast them right in the face, getting facial treatments, touching or applying any pressure to the lashes for two full days.  If lashes do get wet, they should gently be pat dry with light pressure.


What are eyelash extensions?

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions comprise of single strands of high quality synthetic silk or faux mink eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash.  They are available in various lengths, thicknesses, curvatures and colours.


Who is a good candidate for eyelash extensions?

As long as you don't pull, pick or rub your eyes constantly you can enjoy the benefits of eyelash extensions. That means, saving time in the morning, using less make up, having beautiful eyes 24/7 and looking gorgeous even when you are just out of the shower.


Are eyelash extensions Safe?

Having a set of eyelash extension applied CORRECTLY by a trained, qualified and experienced artist will ensure you that you are taking care of the health of your natural eyelashes.  A good set of eyelash extensions are pain-free, lightweight and you won't be able to feel them on at all. Going to an experienced and knowledgable technician will give you peace of mind that they provide all aftercare instructions, educate you about safe removal and any other doubts you might have about eyelash extensions! The glue we use is of the highest quality and is compliant with the standard for uniforming scheduling of medicines and poisons for Formaldehyde content in cosmetic Australia. your answer to the question here.


Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

No – I apply eyelash extensions taking special care to ensure that they are all applied individually and correctly to maintain your eyelash health. To ensure the ongoing health of your lashes I recommend that you take the advice regarding the maximum thickness and length that would be appropriate long-term for your natural lashes. The eyelash extensions come off when your natural lash falls out, and so long as an appropriate weight extension has been applied, your natural lashes will grow through as normal.


How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please arrive with no eye make up and definitely no mascara.  If you wear contact lenses you should remove them.


How long do eyelash extensions last?

As long as six weeks (as the eyelash extension generally lasts until the natural lash falls out in its natural cycle). However it is advisable to have some infills applied approximately every 3 – 4 weeks (depending on how well you take care of them) to make sure your eyelashes always look fabulous.


Can I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions?

One of the primary advantages of our eyelash extensions is that you don't need mascara, however, in the event that you would like to wear it, make sure it is oil free and not water proof.


How do I care for my extensions?

When you leave our salon your lashes will be dry, but to ensure the glue sets hard avoid getting them wet for 12-24 hours.  After that it is important to avoid products around the eye area that contain oil.


 Are eyelash extensions safe while pregnant?

Generally speaking, eyelash extensions are a safe and non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Allergic reactions to the adhesive are very rare and when they do present, are easily treated. In saying this, I do not recommend that pregnant women who have never had eyelash extensions before test out the procedure during their pregnancy. The lash extension procedure requires you to lay flat on your back for over one hour which is a position that is not recommended for  women in the advanced stages of pregnancy. It also requires that you lie quite still which may be hard to do. If you were unlucky enough to have an allergic reaction, your doctor may not be able to give you the required treatment due to your pregnancy, prolonging the reaction.


 Can I swim shower get my eyelash extensions wet?

Yes. In fact this is one of the best things about eyelash extensions!


 Can I be allergic to eyelash extension adhesive?

Like all cosmetic products, there are some individuals who may be allergic to this particular adhesive. Allergic reactions are extremely rare however, and subside normally as soon as the extensions are removed. If you have extreme latex/band-aid allergies, you may be at higher risk of a reaction. If you have had an allergic reaction to any eyelash extensions before (swollen, puffy eyelids and under eye area) we do not recommend getting lash extensions again – as it is highly likely you will be allergic again. If you do have an allergic reaction, you must seek medical attention and we will need to remove the extensions as soon as possible.


What are these new Russian volume lashes I have been hearing about?

Basically it involves applying silk or mink eyelash extensions using a slightly different application method, where 2, 3, 4 or even 5 extremely light-weight extensions are applied to each natural lash, creating intense volume with a soft, fluffy look. Because the fibres used are so incredibly light, they bond very well and last longer than classic eyelash extensions The Hybrid technique is a combination of two different lash application techniques rolled into one set of lashes. For example; individual classic , one false lash extension on one isolated natural lash combined with Russian Volume, multiple lash extensions on one natural lash.