• Volume Lashes Pre-made Fans. XL eco-friendly box
  • Pre-made Volume Fans / Eyelash Extensions/ Eco-Friendly Box
  • 10D-12D Dramatic Jumbo Box | Promade | Sharp Base | Volume Fans | 0.03mm

10D-12D Dramatic Jumbo Box | Promade | Sharp Base | Volume Fans | 0.03mm


Contains 500+ Fans!

DRAMATIC JUMBO ECO Friendly promade volume fan box is finally here to offer you the best value for money. These stunning trays are made of recyclable cardboard - an eco-friendly option for the planet.

  • Extremely sharp & pointy base for easy accurate application that will help you achieve maximum retention
  • The slightly longer stem with sharpest base makes application super easy
  • 100% hand made from the highest quality material (South Korean PBT)
  • Create a fluffy, jet black, mega volume set in the same time as a classic set!
  • Our Dramatic Jumbo designer Box offers the greatest value with 20 lines and over 500 fans per Box.
  • Amazing easy lash coverage with wide, fluffy, Jet black fans
  • Each one of our Pro-made volume fans are 100% hand crafted just like you’d create with individual lash fans.
  • 10D-12D fan base same thickness of a single lash. Making it the lightest lash on the market.
  • Easy to remove from the strip – no lash breakage or falling apart
  • Foil backing ensuring each line peels off easily and reusable up to 10X
  • Heat bonded technique with minimal glue to ensure the lashes are fused together with super fine base
  • High-end quality for high end lash artists
  • Wide fluffy fans to cover the sparsest of lashes
  • Eco friendly designer cardboard packaging
  • Afterpay available on all premade volume lash fans

10D (500 fans) | Promade Fans |0.03mm diameter | C & D curl |8-14mm

12D (500 fans) | Promade Fans | 0.03mm diameter | C & D curl | 9-14mm

  • $49.00