• Eyelash Extension Adhesive for Professional Use

5 x Quick Cling professional adhesive for eyelash extensions

Dramatic Lashes Quick Cling professional ultra retention eyelash adhesive 5ml is latex free, Fast drying and has the best retention i have ever experienced. It is Dramatic Lashes favourite eyelash adhesive and we personally use it on all our clients. This adhesive works well in all humidity and temperatures and is awesome for use with both classic and volume lashes. This eyelash adhesive gives us consistent results of great retention. We love the stuff!


Buy 5 and SAVE 15%

1-2 second drying. (depending on room conditions)

Latex Free

6-7 weeks retention.

Temp 20-24C

Humidity 45-65% But works well outside of that range.

Medical grade low fume and low stimulus.

Thin black consistency suitable for volume, classic lashes and Pre-made Fans.

5x Dramatic Lashes Quick cling eyelash adhesive 5ml 

5x glue pin

5x Silica bag

Our Salon is located in Melbourne where the weather is very changeable, personally i prefer working with this adhesive in the lower humidity range 45-50%. Perfect if you have your aircon on and you are struggling to get your humidity up.

Professional use only.

Do not make contact with the skin

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