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Expert Pro Curved Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Our New Pro Expert Curve tweezer is perfect for use with either creating flawless Volume fans or to pick up the finest classic lashes. They are amazing for creating precise sets and narrow fans, especially with its fine sharp tip – you can reach all-around your client’s eyes easily.

  • One of the HIGHEST QUALITY VOLUME TWEEZERS in the lash market.
  • Excellent for beginner or advanced lash artist.
  • Perfect manual sharpening by professionals for perfect edge closures.
  • Awesome grab point to speed up your work! No more broken fans!
  • Innovative unconventional shape to suit pinching points.
  • Smooth pressure pick-up reduces fatigue in hand 
  • Stylish satin finish for low-reflect effect
  • Non-slip -matt surface.
  • Anti-Corrosive Tweezers
  • Perfect Tension
  • Made with Medical-grade german stainless steel

All our tweezers are 100% hand tested before they are sent out to you, to ensure that it grips perfectly making your job as lash artists much easier. This tweezer is made from the highest quality antimagnetic German stainless steel and is the perfect add to your lash arsenal.

  • $69.95