• eyelash extension tweezers / satin / lash design

Flutter Lash Super Grip Tweezer

Flutter Lash Super Grip 75° lash satin Tweezers are perfectly balanced with superior grip making them perfect for volume lashing especially the pinching method of making fans but also fantastic for classic lashing too. The foot is narrow and sharp but not too narrow so the tweezers are steady and have a large biting point which is great for wide fans. All our tweezers are 100% hand tested with 0.03mm-0.07mm thickness lashes before they are sent out to you, to ensure that it grips perfectly making your job as lash artists much easier.

Our eyelash extension tweezers are made from the highest quality antimagnetic titanium and German stainless steel, which makes these tweezers super light weight and low resistance which reduces hand strain. This perfect surgical Steel professional tweezers has sharp Narrow tips for ultra precision, large sweet spot and is great for fanning ultra fine lashes and is 100% hand tested to pick up mega volume fans before being sent to you.

  • 12.5cm length
  • 7mm tips
  • 75 degrees angle for easy pick up
  • Satin Silver
  • High Quality German Stainless Steel
  • Light weight
  • Sharp Tips
  • Lash design for better grip
  • $54.95