• False Eyelash
  • False Eyelash

Ivy 3D false Strip lash

Accessorise every makeup look with these gorgeous lashes. Our range of high quality lightweight 3D Strip False Lashes are a cult favourite and come in an array of sophisticated designs—from Ivy to Brooklyn.

Meet IVY : Medium volume lashes that deliver subtle drama, light in density and feature a wispy cat eye effect with the length increasing toward the outer eye giving a stunning kitten or cat eye shape to your beautiful eyes. Made of silky mellow fibre’s, for that natural fluffy look, these high-quality lashes are very durable, and do not need mascara. Dramatic Lashes 3D False Lash range gives your lashes extreme definition, soft to the touch with a built-in liquid liner effect.

Dramatic Lashes 3D Strip lash false eyelashes are the favourite lashes of Australian professional makeup artists. With a lash to suit every eye and every occasion,

Dramatic Lashes have an option for every occasion, with unique designs that are created to flatter every eye shape.

  • Beautiful Rose Gold Mirrored Case
  • Up To 25 Wears Material
  • 3D Mink Effect: Fluttery, Full-Body, Wispy Volume
  • Maximum Shape: Round or Cat Eye
  • Can be paired with our innovative Quick Cling Adhesive Eyeliner

As our Eyelashes are reusable and are considered a hygienic product, Dramatic Lashes take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously. Therefore Dramatic Lashes does not offer refunds or exchanges on all our mink Eyelashes if you change your mind or feel the style does not suit you. Refunds will only be honoured if the false Eyelashes are deemed faulty after inspection from our Quality Assurance department.

  • $24.00