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Accessorise every makeup look with these gorgeous lashes. Our range of high quality lightweight 3D Mink False Lashes are a cult favourite and come in an array of sophisticated designs—from Ivy to Brooklyn.

Made of silky mellow fibre’s, for that natural fluffy look, these high-quality lashes are very durable, and do not need mascara. Dramatic Lashes 3D Mink range gives your lashes extreme definition, soft to the touch with a built-in liquid liner effect.

Dramatic Lashes 3D Mink false eyelashes are the favourite lashes of Australian professional makeup artists. With a lash to suit every eye and every occasion,

Dramatic Lashes have an option for every occasion, with unique designs that are created to flatter every eye shape.

Meet IVY : Medium volume lashes that deliver subtle drama, light in density and feature a wispy cat eye effect with the length increasing toward the outer eye giving a stunning kitten or cat eye shape to your beautiful eyes.


  • Beautiful Rose Gold Mirrored Case
  • Up To 25 Wears Material
  • 3D Mink Effect: Fluttery, Full-Body, Wispy Volume
  • Maximum Shape: Round or Cat Eye
  • $24.00