Say goodbye to sleep wrinkles, oily skin, eyelash extensions falling out prematurely and unhealthy hair.

Our double sided silk pillowcases are made from the best quality charmeuse weave, 6a long strand, 22 momme mulberry Silk. They are made to last with their dense weave whilst providing a beautiful soft lustrous feel.

Wake up feeling younger than you were when your head hit the pillow. Our silk pillowcases keep skin hydrated, are gentle on your eyelash extensions, prevent split ends, wick away excess oils and reduce sleep wrinkles. Benefit packed, it's the best way to promote skin and hair health, helping preserve youth.

Once sleeping on silk, you won't want to go back to any other fabric!

Product info

Queen Size (51 X 75 cm) or (20 X 28 inches) Made to fit Australian Standard pillow size

Available Colours: White and Blush Pink.

Pure silk on both Sides of pillowcase

Price includes 1 pillowcase

Zip closure

  • $59.00
  • $75.00