• Satin & Pink Volume lash Tweezer Set

Satin & Pink Volume lash Tweezer Set

This stunning Satin & Pink eyelash extension Tweezer Set includes our Dramatic Boot eyelash Tweezer and 45 Degree isolation eyelash extension tweezer.

  • One Dramatic Pink Volume Tweezer
  • One Satin 45' degree Isolation tweezer

These gorgeous Satin 14cm isolation tweezers have a 5mm, 45 degree angled tips. All our tweezers are 100% hand tested before they are sent out to you, making your job as lash artists much easier. Our tweezers are made from the highest quality antimagnetic titanium and German stainless steel, which makes these tweezers super lightweight and low resistance, which reduces hand strain.

These tweezers are fantastic for using as Isolation tweezers, especially if you are someone that uses straight isolation tweezers try these instead and you will notice a huge difference in the tension on your wrists!! 45 degree Angle isolation tweezers will help alleviate that upward movement that occurs with straight tweezers. You can have your wrist relaxed and gently lay your wrist and palm on the client's forehead, which will keep your wrist supported without the need to lift up since the angled tips do the isolation for you!! Try it and I promise you will love it!

Dramatic Volume 75° boot Tweezers are perfectly balanced with superior grip making them perfect for volume lashing but also suitable for classic lashing too. All our tweezers are hand tested with 0.03mm-0.07mm thickness lashes before they are sent out to you, to ensure that it grips perfectly making your job as lash artists much easier. 75° boot Light pink with stunning sparkle powder coated Superior grip Hand tested- Guaranteed

  • $74.95