• Eyelash extension straight tweezers pink
  • Satin eyelash extension tweezers straight

Straight 14cm Narrow isolation tweezer

Our straight, hand crafted, 14cm slim isolation tweezers are super light and sharp, yet stable in the hand. Our tweezers are 100% hand tested before they are sent out, making your job as a lash artists much easier. At Dramatic Lashes our tweezers are made from the highest quality antimagnetic Japanese stainless steel, which makes these tweezers super light weight and low resistance which reduces hand strain.

  • Perfect for isolation
  • Lightweight — Easy to handle and helps to avoid muscle pain and hand strain
  • longer length than standard isolation tweezers
  • Narrow sleek design
  • The ultra fine tips help you to access he finest inner corner lashes 
  • Made from high quality antimagnetic titanium 
  • Each pair has super sharp tips and low tension providing effortless lashing.
  • Please be mindful with soaking times as this can tarnish the look.
  • Our isolation tweezers tips are very delicate, they are light, soft tension.
  • Super Sharp
  • Length: 14cm
  • available in : Satin finish or pink powder coating


    • $24.95